​Press and Print Project Terms & Conditions – the boring stuff


The Press and Print project form part of the Linking The Greens project,  linking the two communities of Emersons Green and Lyde Green by the exploration and collection of local plant life and celebrates the specific flora found in these areas.

The Press and Print project will lead to a number of cohesive, botanically inspired permanent pieces to celebrate and unify the area and participants will be able to spot their contributions in the final artworks.

The plants will be collected and pressed to create a community Herbarium a permanent record of each participant’s contribution/ the plants location and permanently accessioned into Bristol Museums Collection.

FREE Press and Print kits will be available to members of the Emersons Green and Lyde Green communities allowing them get creative, make and exhibit art, archive their local area and be a part of the Linking The Greens project.

All participants who sign up to receive a FREE Press and Print kit will be asked to agree to the The Community Charter and the following statements :

Pressed plants:

  • I will return the pressed plants I create to either the Community Centre or library as directed to be added to the permanent collection of Bristol Museum, where they will be preserved permanently as a resource for use in research and publication.

Photos, scans & artwork:

  • I will ensure the work created is shared (as directed) by artist Kerry Lemon for the use of promoting the project and creating her permanent artwork
  • I donate ownership of the artwork and also donate any copyright I may own in the material to artist Kerry Lemon
  • I understand and agree that these will be used in any publications produced by the project, on the website, social media and those of the project partners
  • I give permission for my work to be disposed of if not required for permanent retention
  • I give permission for the artist Kerry Lemon to make multiple copies of material in which I own the copyright and to change the format for the purposes of e-preservation.

Participants can choose whether or not they are identified on project-related materials.

All personal information collected will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. It will only be shared with project partners for project purposes and all your contact information will be deleted at the end of the project.