​Meet The Artists

Artists Kerry and Zoe will be showing everyone how to collect & preserve flowers from your local area AND how to turn your collection into stunning shadow art prints using only the sunshine!

Kerry Lemon

Kerry is the artist commissioned to create a series of permanent artworks for the communities of Emersons Green and Lyde Green.

She is inspired by the local plants and flowers found across the area and is passionate about showing off the beauty of the local area.

Kerry is looking for your help to make the art work and will select the best ones to use in her permanent sculptures as part of the Linking The Greens project!

More info at kerrylemon.co.uk

Zoe Murphy

Zoe, AKA Margate Girl, is a designer from Margate. She makes fun and postable creative kits so people can make cool things at home.

Zoe will be sending some colourful kits to South Gloucestershire for the residents of Emersons Green and Lyde Green to take part in the Press & Print project.

Participants will be collecting samples of flowers from their local area for the archive at Bristol Museum, and making impressive sun-powered artwork from them in their own home.

More information at margategirl.com