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There are a SMALL NUMBER of FREE Press and Print kits that have become available. 
If you live in Emersons Green or Lyde Green ONLY you can claim a FREE creative kit by completing the form below!!
PLEASE NOTE: These MUST be collected on Friday 25th June at the latest!!

If there are no FREE Press and Print kits left you can still create stunning cyanotype art prints!!

There is a ‘shopping list’ of everything you will need below and Zoe has created lovely instruction videos that you can watch here!

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    The Press and Print activity will form part of the Linking the Greens project, generating unity and community spirit between Lyde Green and Emersons Green. In completing the Press and Print activity, you are helping to shape the future of your area, demonstrating its wealth of natural beauty and leaving a lasting legacy.

    Select where you will collect your FREE kit from:

    If you are unable to complete this activity once a kit has been acquired, please return the Press and Print kit to allow another participant to use it.

    The purpose of this form is for three reasons:
    1. By completing this form it will enable you to join in with the Press and Print project and receive your FREE Press and Print kit.
    2. This form is to record agreement of how we communicate with you, how your artwork may be used by artist Kerry Lemon for the Press and Print project and to assign copyright so that we can reproduce your artwork.
    3. This form is also seeking consent to process your personal data – so that we can contact you about the project.


    Press and Print (Linking the Greens) Community Project Agreement

    I will return the pressed plants I create to either the Community Centre or library as directed to be added to the permanent collection of Bristol Museum, where they will be preserved permanently as a resource for use in research and publication.

    I will take part in the home exhibition. (Please note – For the map we will only use house numbers and street names.)

    I give permission for my photos and imagery to be used as required in any publications produced by the project, on the website, social media and those of the project partners and, if appropriate, in the permanent artworks.

    I give permission for my work to be credited by name if my material is used in project promotion such as social media posts or in the permanent artworks.

    I donate ownership of the artwork and also donate any copyright I may own in the material to artist Kerry Lemon for the purposes of this community project including making multiple copies of material and changing the format for the purposes of e-preservation. I understand that my work may be disposed of at the end of the project if it is not required for permanent retention.

    I give permission to be contacted by project partners for the purposes of this project :

    Data Protection

    All personal information collected will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. It will only be shared with project partners for project purposes and all your contact information will be deleted at the end of the project :

    This form can be submitted up to 20 times.


    Everything you need to collect and preserve wildflowers AND create cyanotype art prints!


    Things you will need in order to collect flowers in the green spaces near you:

    A nice sunny day
    A local map and flower spotter sheet (the community centre has spares of the one in the kit!)
    A pen, a pair of gloves (perhaps) and a pair of sharp scissors or shears
    A phone to take photos and record locations
    A plant identification app on your phone

    Things you will need in order to press and preserve your wild flowers:

    Your flower specimens
    Some absorbent blotting paper (if you struggle to find some then newspaper is a good substitute!)
    A large heavy book
    Something to press down onto the book – so more heavy books, a vase, an ornament, or a brick!

    Things you will need to make cyanotype prints from your dried flowers:

    Some pre-coated cyanotype papers. These are easy to find with a quick google search, and stores such as Fred Aldous and First Call Photographic sell them online.
    A piece of clear plastic or glass to press your flowers down as they expose on the paper. (You can use the glass from the inside of a small picture frame for this)
    A sink to wash your papers out in.

    Things you will need to send your specimens and image in to the Bristol Museum and to Kerry Lemon
    (for residents of Emersons Green and Lyde Green only):

    A nice big envelope
    Some folded pieces of A4 paper
    Some masking tape to close your paper shut
    A pen to write the details of the plant locations onto the folded paper
    A large letter stamp : (send your pressed flower samples to Rhian Rowson, Natural History Curator, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Queen’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1RL
    A camera or smartphone : (to send high resolution pictures of the cyanotypes you’ve made to