Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we’ve made everything really easy and straight-forward, but just in case, below are the answers to a few questions you may have….

What does the project involve?

Artist Kerry Lemon ( has been commissioned to create a series of permanent artworks for the communities of Emersons Green and Lyde Green. She is inspired by the local plants and flowers found across the area and is looking for your help to make the work.

The kit will guide you through exploring your area to collect and press local flowers. These pressed flowers, and your role in collecting them will become part of a permanent floral collection at Bristol Museum! All you need to do is return your pressed flowers to the same location that you collected the FREE kit from (either Emersons Green Library or Lyde Green Community Centre) and we’ll do the rest!

The kit contains EVERYTHING you need to create beautiful (but very easy!) prints from your flowers. These floral prints will be created across the community and artist Kerry Lemon will select the best ones to use in her permanent sculptures!

Finally, we’ll ask you to display these prints in your front windows to form a community exhibition.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get involved, learn new creative skills and perhaps even see your artwork PERMANENTLY displayed as part of the new sculptures!

How do I get my FREE Press and Print Kit?

The kits are strictly limited so be quick! It’s simple to register, just click on the ‘Join In’ page within this website and fill in the information required – make sure you complete all the boxes as we need to be able to contact you.

How do I collect my Press and Print kit?

On the form you will be asked where you would like to collect your kit from – Either Emersons Green Library or Lyde Green Community Centre.

We’ll let you know when they’re ready, then you can pop down, give them your name and collect your pack.

What if I miss out on a kit?

A full shopping list will be available here and you can follow all the instructions on the video and website to take part.

Why do I need to fill in all my personal information to be able to receive a kit?

It’s a big project offered free to local residents in return for submitting the artwork they create so we’ll need to keep in touch with you (but promise not to bug you!) We will only be in contact for the purposes of this project and your details, including your contact details will be deleted at the end of the project.

I don’t live in Emersons Green or Lyde Green, am I still able to receive a kit?

This is a local event, unfortunately pack numbers are limits so only households in the following postcode can take part: 

BS16 7AS, BS16 7AP, BS16 7TB, BS16 7TA, BS16 7AW, BS16 7HH, BS16 7AU, BS16 7HA, BS16 7BL, BS16 7BJ, BS16 7DE,

BS16 7AE, BS16 7NU, BS16 7NR, BS16 7NQ, BS16 7LS, BS16 7NE, BS16 7PG, BS16 7NP, BS16 7PE, BS16 7PL, BS16 7LY,

BS16 7PQ,  BS16 7PJ, BS16 7PH, BS16 7PP, BS16 7LU, BS16 7LT, BS16 7FX, BS16 7LQ, BS16 7LP, BS16 7PN, BS16 7LZ,

BS16 7NA, BS16 7LN, BS16 7NX, BS16 7LL, BS16 7LJ, BS16 7LX, BS16 7LW, BS16 7FY, BS16 7NB, BS16 7FZ, BS16 7GT,

BS16 7NF, BS16 7NJ, BS16 7NH, BS16 7GW, BS16 7GR, BS16 7NG, BS16 7JU, BS16 7LE, BS16 7GB, BS16 7HZ, BS16 7HY,

BS16 7GG, BS16 7HX, BS16 7JF, BS16 7GU, BS16 7JT, BS16 7LF, BS16 7GZ, BS16 7NL, BS16 7LG, BS16 7FP, BS16 7LD,

BS16 7FU, BS16 7GF, BS16 7GQ, BS16 7GP, BS16 7GS, BS16 7HR, BS16 7NN, BS16 7FT, BS16 7GD, BS16 7GH, BS16 7HQ,

BS16 7GY, BS16 7GX, BS16 7HU, BS16 7GN, BS16 7JW, BS16 7JX, BS16 7JY, BS16 7GL, BS16 7GE, BS16 7HS, BS16 7HT,

BS16 7JS, BS16 7PT, BS16 7JZ, BS16 7LA, BS16 7NY, BS16 7PB, BS16 7NZ, BS16 7PD, BS16 7PR, BS16 7JH, BS16 7JL, 

BS16 7JP, BS16 9NE, BS16 7JR, BS16 7JB, BS16 7JE, BS16 7JA, BS16 7ES, BS16 7JG, BS16 7JJ, BS16 7JD, BS16 7DZ, BS16 7JQ

What is the exhibition?

When all the pressed plants and Cyanotypes images are collected we will be asking you to pop your beautiful print in your front window so everyone can see. We will then be creating an exhibition map of your area with your house name and street name (no names), so everyone can walk the local area and see the stunning flora in your area.

Do I get to keep the art I make?

Yes, you’ll be able to keep the art you make we just need a copy of it because artist Kerry Lemon will use these as part of the Linking The Greens project and will select the best ones to use in her permanent sculptures!

Once you’ve finished with your pressed plants we’d like your to return them to either the Community Centre or library (as directed) to be added to the permanent collection of Bristol Museum, where they will be preserved permanently as a resource for use in research and publication.

What is the 'Linking The Greens' project?

The Linking the Greens project is being delivered to enhance and promote sustainable travel in the Emersons Green and Lyde Green area and improve connections between the two communities, which sit either side of the A4174 Avon Ring Road.

The scheme will also look to promote cultural links between Emersons Green and Lyde Green through a public art programme.

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